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Living God's Love...

.is an invitation to journey

It's an opportunity to discover new things about God, ourselves and the world, to look with fresh eyes and explore new ways.

In particular, it is a call to the parishes, schools and people of the Diocese of St Albans to Go Deeper into God,Transform Communities and Make New Disciples.

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The Bishop of St Albans Harvest Appeal 2019

One morning, whilst on holiday, as I began to make breakfast... I discovered that we had no electricity in our apartment. I felt rather put-out at not being able to toast my bread or boil the kettle for a cuppa! This led me to imagine what life would be like if, whenever I flicked on a light switch, nothing happened. For many people in Tanzania, where access to electricity is scarce, households cannot function easily after dark; families struggle with everyday chores, children suffer with poor performance in school and, without electricity, all basic services, water, health, education, are hindered.

Presently, households rely on paraffin-style (kerosene) lamps in the evenings - which have caused many serious burn injuries. Cooking is done over firewood or charcoal, creating high levels of smoke indoors, causing people to suffer frequent respiratory infections.

`Light Up Tanzania' seeks to bring electricity, in the form of solar panels, to more than 350 households in the rural area of Singida, Tanzania. These will make a huge difference by totally transforming family life once the sun goes down. "This year's appeal will not only give this rural community electric light and power for the basics of modern life - things that we take for granted - but hope for a better future. A few more hours of light in the day will allow dreams of enterprise and community life to become realities" The Rt Revd Alan Smith, Bishop o f 'St Albans.

Through self-help groups run by the local church, members will have the opportunity to purchase a household solar panel at a subsidised price and also receive training to assemble, install and repair the unit. Members will also be taught how to improve their business skills; entrepreneurship; and environment care, and can support each other as they do so.

With this year's appeal partner, Tearfund, your generosity can make a huge difference to families who currently have no access to electricity and find their lives and opportunities restricted. `Light Up Tanzania' is about firing up people's imagination to see their lives and communities transformed - and you can help to make this happen. Here is the difference you can make:
25 supports the purchase of a solar panel for an individual.
75 supports the purchase of a solar panel for a family
340 pays for a five-day training programme for two people.
700 provides solar panels for a school and training for pupils to look after them.

There will be an opportunity to donate to `Light Up Tanzania' at the Harvest Festival service at Great St Mary's on Sunday 6th October and the following Sunday as well. Donations can also be made online via: www.harvestappeal.org

Please support us in spreading light and hope to our brothers and sisters in Tanzania!

Harvest Appeal Prayer

Lord, you are our light, and show us the way. Shine the light of your love in Tanzania. Grant that workers and innovators there see new ways in which they can prosper as they work towards the purposes and opportunities you place before them. Help us to know how we can support their work to grow and flourish.

We pray that through Light Up Tanzania, lives and communities may be strengthened by your grace, transformed by-your light, and brought together through your love, in Jesus' precious name. Amen.

Debbie Hore

Assistant Minister

Details of the dates are in the calendar of events ("This Week") here on the website and in Church & Town. If you would like to know more about what is available for children or adults at Great Mary's, then do please contact us. Our contact details are HERE.